Unleashing Your Inner Wealth: A Journey Within
Unleashing Your Inner Wealth: A Journey Within

Unleashing Your Inner Wealth: A Journey Within

Good morning Reader. I have been doing a ton of thinking lately. What about you might ask?

Want the honest answer? I’ve been thinking about quitting.

Before anyone gets into an uproar over this, bear with me for a moment. You see, Like everyone else out there I too have days where I do not *want* to do the stuff that I have chosen to do in life. There are days I do not want to get out of bed and go to the gym. There are countless days where I would just love to roll over, and call out from work. There have even been those days when I would have considered *checking out* of everything entirely.

It is not a thought that I enjoy having. Like yourself, I have “been there, and done that”. I am human. We all have ups and downs in life and it can seem like a rollercoaster-gon-wild without ever sending you a memo. Life is hard. As I look back on my last 52 years of life I can absolutely attest to this fact.

Life often truly does just suck. We have all lost loved ones. Lost things we fought hard for. Most of us have had our lives come crashing down around our feet. This is nothing new in life.

The point in life is not that struggles will happen to you, but in how you learn to deal with those struggles when they do happen. Like it or not life is going to beat you down. Only you can choose whether or not you choose to stay down or get your ass back up. This is because it is, and has always been, your choice to make.

You can decide to do whatever it takes to get back on the track you call life. If you need to get help along the path, then get some damm help. Do not stop trying to move forward in life. No matter what.

Because your life is not written in stone. There is no uniform table, no commandments, and no book ever written that can claim to know exactly how your life will turn out tomorrow unless you write it.

The thoughts I have been thinking recently have been dark at times. Lighter at others. Quitting is not a topic I enjoy writing about, even in the slightest. I have spent decades trying to look toward the future. Planning outcomes, writing articles, gaining insight and working diligently to teach and inspire others to not just survive in life, but to actually thrive and grow.

No one should just be locked into survival mode forever. At some point, you have to decide to switch over from just getting by to getting ahead of the game.

This blog has been dedicated to that end. This site, my writings, and my belief is that everyone has a “Path in Life”. The question is are you on the right path or the wrong path for your own life?

It is not my place to decide which way your path should take, but to help you to determine how your path might change based on where you want to end up when your journey if over. There is not any one path for everyone.

Upon doing my recent soul searching I have come to realize many things about my own journey. The journey of my life has taken many twists and turns and at every one of them has been some obstacle or pitfall. As I have embarked upon my own journey I have had my own forms of crisis, whether they be a crisis of money, love or even of crisis of Faith.

It took others to help me see the worth that was within me. Here are a few key points about me, that others have been courageous enough to tell me.

“In the heart of Derek Wood beats a symphony of experiences, a tapestry woven with threads of technical mastery and a passion for teaching. His journey through the digital realm is a testament to his expertise, a dance of ones and zeros guided by a hand that understands the language of software.”

“As a computer technician, Derek is more than a troubleshooter; he is a mentor, a guide, and a beacon of knowledge. With patience and dedication, he imparts wisdom, lighting the path for those eager to unravel the mysteries of technology.”

“Derek’s career path has been a winding road, each turn marked by a new venture and a fresh challenge. From managing retail stores to orchestrating car sales, from owning a restaurant to weaving lines of code as a programmer, he’s worn many hats, each with a flair that sets him apart.”

For many years I did not “feel” this way about myself. I was often too close to my own image of myself to even see that I had skills, talents and abilities that were of use to others. Not just of use, but truly valuable.

Over the path of my own career, which includes 4 decades of retail customer service experience, I have brought smiles to the faces of thousands of customers. Making a customer smile has been one of the key aspects of even getting out of bed during some of those most depressing days in my career.

As a computer technician, I have had the privilege of helping others keep their businesses running properly. Over the years I have been in charge of helping people navigate everything from getting their email properly to reestablishing a new business presence or making sure that life-saving emergency response software absolutely works on time, the first time.

Imagine now for a moment s a lone teenager, sitting alone in a dark room, crying. Wanting to just give up. That was me as a teenager. I had a rough time of things back then. Not as bad as everyone, but bad enough to cause me some extreme depression. Had I chosen to give up at that point, I never would have made it this far. I would never have made the impact on others lives that I have to this point.

I am not done either.

Consider that young teenager. Who struggled with seizures. Struggled with depression. Struggled with family issues. Who struggled with relationships. The boy who wanted just for the pain to stop.

That boy still resides within me at some level. He lurks in the depths of my soul and he remembers how much that pain hurt back then. However, he also remembers that he got through that pain. He overcame those obstacles and moved forward to make a difference in the lives of others.

That boy became a man. He became a father. He became a husband. He helped others brighten their day. He has made an impact, even if that impact was just one person. It was worth every bit of trouble and the pain of every obstacle along the way.

The title of this article, Unleashing Your Inner Wealth: A Journey Within, is not about the wealth you might think at first. It is however the wealth that we should all strive for. Money can be made in this present internet age just around every corner. Whether you start a business, create a YouTube channel, game on streaming platforms, or even open an OF page, money will be everywhere and all you have to do is learn to take it.

Unfortunately, making money is not the same as making a difference. Too many people mistake the word “wealth” to only include money. This post and the upcoming series of posts will hopefully shine a light on the fact that this is wrong. There is wealth beyond imagination once you understand just how wealthy you already are.

So, my friend, here we are, at the end of our shared contemplation. We’ve delved into the depths of personal struggles and triumphs, unraveled the threads of our inner wealth, and basked in the realization that there’s a richness within us beyond measure.

As I look back on my own journey, I see the twists and turns, the obstacles that shaped me, and the moments of brilliance that defined who I am today. It’s a testament to the incredible power we hold within ourselves, a power that transcends any external measure of success.

I’ve faced days when giving up seemed like the only option when the weight of it all threatened to consume me. Yet, like you, I’ve discovered that within the darkest moments lies a reservoir of strength waiting to be tapped.

Each of us carries a story, a unique narrative of challenges, triumphs, and the unwavering human spirit. It’s a story that deserves to be honored and celebrated. For in each of our journeys, there lies the potential to touch lives, to inspire change, and to leave a legacy that echoes through time.

The title of this article, “Unleashing Your Inner Wealth: A Journey Within,” embodies a truth that transcends monetary value. It speaks to the wealth of experiences, of lessons learned, and of the profound impact we have the potential to make.

As we conclude this chapter, I invite you to reflect on your own journey. Embrace the challenges, for they have sculpted you. Celebrate the triumphs, for they are a testament to your strength. And above all, recognize the wealth that resides within you, waiting to be unleashed.

Remember, my friend, your journey is not bound by fate or circumstance. It is a story that you hold the pen to, a narrative waiting for your unique imprint. Embrace it, cherish it, and let it inspire you to not only seek wealth in its many forms but to create a legacy that resonates with the hearts of those who follow.

With heartfelt gratitude for sharing this journey with me,

– Derek

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